Uncontrollable Circumstances

We’ve all experienced them… those circumstances and situations beyond our control.

It is extremely difficult to know exactly what to do in times like these. The economy is still sluggishly crawling along and no matter our skills, education, and training we are still rejected for jobs and promotions. On top of that, prices for food and clothing (primary needs) are skyrocketing!!! I tell you, I sometimes feel overwhelmed by it all.

What about natural disasters, diseases, and death? I know these are not topics that we like to think about, but they happen. All of us have been effected by at least one, if not all, of these situations; yet we still go on living. How is it that we can live and have peace when there are unpleasant, uncontrollable circumstances happening all around us? It is difficult. Frustrating. Frightening. Sometimes, unbearable, but we do go on.

I remember when I lost my job. I was in a panic! Thoughts of survival ran through my head. How would I survive if I did not find work? How could I meet my most basic needs? I had that awful sinking, burning feeling in the pit of my stomach. I was desperate.

That is when I found empathy for marginalized members of societies: the prostitutes, the homeless, the destitute, and so many others who are oppressed. I could imagine that instant when life changed.

Without relief, unpleasant circumstances can become chronic. We can get lost in our despair; giving up on getting better.

I tell you life can and will get better! We can have peace of mind even in the middle of mess. I refuse to let my negative emotions take over my state of mind. When I make up in my mind to live in peace, then I can actually pursue it! It may take baby steps, but I can do it! And.. you can too!