This is your life!

This is your life!   Facing this truth head-on is necessary for a fulfilling life.

I emphasize the your because its is almost inevitable that someone else will try to take over your life and dictate what you should or shouldn’t do with it.

Have you ever been around that well-meaning relative or acquaintance who just feels the need to tell you that “It’s time for you to settle down, Dear” or “Get your degree in business management because that’s where the money is” or some other variation of a for-your-own-good suggestion?  Well, I have.  I have been told by a boyfriend that I shouldn’t participate in certain social activities.  I have been told by an associate that I need to change my leadership style, and I have even been told by strangers that I should lose weight, and the list of shoulds and shouldn’ts goes on and on…

My question is, “Why do others feel the need to tell us what we should or shouldn’t do?”   I mean, ultimately, life is interesting precisely because we can make our own choices!  Whether those choices are good or bad, we can still learn from them and use them to enrich our lives.  So, why do others want to control my choices?  The answers vary as much as the people who tell us how to live.

I have even found myself spending too much time telling my family what they should or shouldn’t do instead of teaching them and training them on how to live; on how to be people of good moral character.  Really, it’s this the more important aspect of life?

Even though it is tempting to point out to others how they should live, we must realize that the growth and essence of life is through experiencing the manifestations of our own decisions.

I encourage you to experience all that your life has to offer and not let others dictate to you how to be.

This is my life! I choose to live it to the fullest!