Oppression and Mental Wellness

What does oppression do to my mental health?

It stifles growth and creativity.  It is detrimental to my health in every way.  I cannot function optimally when I am experiencing oppression.

In my last blog I stated that oppression leads to death.  Death of ideas, death of success, death of life.  I cannot truly live under the suffocating presence of oppression.

So why do I see and experience oppression daily?  I know that it is not ‘just in my head.’  Oppression is real and it is felt consistently throughout my being.  I cannot pretend to assume the reasons why people choose to oppress others; however, I do know that it is not a feeling that anyone would wish on themselves.  So why do people oppress each other unmercifully?

I do not want to live under the burden of oppression any longer.  I cannot sacrifice my mental health and wellness to oppression any longer.

Today I vow to resist and oppose oppression in my life and in the lives of others forever!