Living Fearlessly

Living Fearlessly.

I choose to live without fear.

I want to live life fully and without fear, but it is difficult to break free of what is holding me back. Living without fear means that I can take risks, be willing to fail, and to try again. That is why I must choose to live fearlessly. Knowing that I could fail, and be criticized for my attempts causes me to struggle with whether or not I will step out of my comfort zone.

But choosing to step out of the fear is exactly what I must do. Otherwise, the fear will remain and it will paralyze me from moving forward in my life.

Have you ever felt this way? I mean, have you wanted a change so desperately, but you could not move towards that change? What held you back? Did the familiarity with what you already had override the risk of letting go? I have been there. I have been “stuck” in a rut before, and before long I became frustrated and depressed…definitely not fun. I finally decided that my happiness meant more to me than holding onto the familiar.

Deciding to be happy was the first step. The next step was to take action. I knew that just wanting something different; something more was not enough, The change I wanted was not going to just fall into my lap. I had to make it happen. One day at a time, I chose to move towards my goals. And, I am still a work in progress. Everyday, I am faced with a choice of whether keep moving forward or to stop and retreat.

I chose to keep moving forward…how about you?

Challenge yourself today…break free of fear and live fearlessly!