Be Free

Are you free?

Freedom is not just a concept.  Freedom is not only a state of physical liberty or free of physical restraint.  Freedom is a state of mind!

Are free in your mind?  Do you have mental freedom?  Mental freedom releases us to think for ourselves.  All too often we fall under the control of others who want to tell us what to think and how we should think.   Sometimes this mental restraint is subtle.  Have you ever been in a relationship and your significant other criticizes what you wear, or your weight, or your friends?  Yes, I know that it is possible that these comments could be out of genuine concern for your well-being, but are they?

If you are in a healthy relationship, your significant other will support you and encourage you to be the best that you can be!  This comes by way of praise of your strengths and the good decisions that you make.  How often do you feel good about yourself?  Do you encourage yourself, or are you always looking to someone else to tell you how you should feel?

Feeling good about yourself; being confident in who you are frees you to be all you can be!  You can feel good about being free to  control your own emotions and your thoughts.

Free your mind to allow yourself to be creative.

You have dreams of achieving great things; what is holding you back?  Are the thoughts that you have about yourself keeping you from achieving your dreams?  Are you keeping yourself  bound up by your own thinking?  It is time to set yourself free!  It is an awesome feeling to finally allow self to feel the way you want to feel and think the way you want to think and to act the way you want to act without trying to conform to someone else’s standards or whims of fancy.

Make the decision right now to live in freedom!